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The most difficult task for your doctor is to differentiate age related memory loss (normal) versus Alzheimer's disease(progressive decline in memory leading to death), especially if your symptoms are mild, such as occasionally misplacing things, getting lost in familiar places, Impaired memory and thinking, trouble performing familiar tasks, poor or decreased judgment, or problems with language and communication. 

Las Vegas Medical Research is a dedicated research center working with several community neurologists as well as researchers and pharmaceutical companies across the country in order to provide accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease as well as working on next generation treatments which can potentially stop the disease process. 

Based on the participant interest we offer several options:

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  • Diagnostics Studies:

    • Extensive neurocognitive testing by our affiliate neurologists as well as state of the art brain MRI and brain PET scan. At the end of the testing, we can confidently predict 95% of the time either you have the disease or your symptoms are from normal aging.

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Studies:

    • In these studies, study participants will also undergo all the diagnostic studies (neurocognitive testing, MRI and PET scan of the brain) and only if your tests are positive, meaning you either have the disease or high risk of getting the disease in the near future, you will be enrolled into the treatment phase of the study. The next generation treatments are intended to stop the disease from progressing unlike the currently available medicines for Alzheimer's which only provide symptomatic relief and do not to stop the disease pathway. 

      Your participation is voluntary and at any given time you have the right to withdraw from the study. By participating, all study related procedures including imaging is free of cost to you. We will not bill your insurance or disclose your involvement in the study to any third party unless we have your written permission. Based on the study you choose, you and your study partner might be eligible for a stipend to cover the necessary cost for traveling and meals.


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Please contact us and one of our doctors will get in touch with you to discuss your options.


We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at 702.750.0222 

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